To Get Away from the Romantic Idea of the Individual

This exercise is dealing with structures, hierarchies and institutions – those we are in willingly or unwillingly, intentionally and unintentionally. Art institutions for example; how we are branded and how we are branding our selves as artists, making CVs, etc.  This is a capitalistic machinery. Capitalism cultivates the individual.

This exercise is about undoing these structures. “Work is collective” Antonio Negri says. “We are a group of productive singularities.” “We can set us selves free because we are a collective.”

See this lecture:

Creative Time Summit 2015
Keynote: Antonio Negri

See the extract of my CV to clarify.

Arendse Krabbe - To Get Away from the Romantic Idea of the Individual

Different Exercises Based on this Idea

One exercise is to take your CV and transform it into a network (as you see above). And to present it and talk about the relations between the projects/art works – how they are connected and related, how and why. How does it change your perception when you write in a non-linear manner? (….imagine writing history in this non-linear manner).

To make one big collective network where all the students in your class including your self is incorporated – taking Eg. the class/school/course as the common point of reference.

In the end of a workshop – to use the network structure as a tool – collectively you make a network where all the exercises that you worked on are noted and you thereby get another understanding of the interrelations between them.

This Exercise was Contributed by Arendse Krabbe.

This exercise was contributed by Arendse Krabbe (http://www.schizovibrant.net).

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