Art in a Time Like This

A performative exquisite corpse, and exercise, that might somehow be a response to the generic, and strangely timeless question of whether or not art makes sense in “a time like this”.

How to Start

4 groups, or 4 persons, write down a number current event, that they think needs to be dealt with in an artistic way, on a piece of paper.

The papers are put on the table face down, and each of the four groups, or 4 persons draw one without disclosing the topic to the other groups.

1. The Song

Each group now take 5 minutes to write about this topic in a song – and then they perform them for each other

2. The Joke

The topics are now switched and each group continue with one of the other topics, on the basis of what they saw. Without seing the original note, each group will develop and perform the topic that they think is at hand, as a joke. They will 5 minutes to prepare.

3. The Poem

Then you switch again and each group or person writes a poem based on one of these jokes, and performs it. Again, 5 minutes to prepare.

4. The Dance

The the groups switch again, and each group performs a dance/ bodily expression based on one of those poems. And you guessed it: 5 minutes to prepare.

This Exercise was Contributed by Ulla Hvejsel & Mary Coble.

This exercise was contributed by Ulla Hvejsel & Mary Coble (http://www.realpolitik.dk).

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