The Human Camera

This indoor and outdoor exercise for two people trains confidence, empathy, intuition and trust in others. One person leads another person with closed eyes around and tells them when and what to see, smell, touch and hear. Create a narration for the other person’s body.

Decide who is camera and decide who is camera person.

The person who is the camera closes her or his eyes.

The camera person starts touching the camera’s body all over, besides private zones.

Activate with touch especially also arms and legs. Touch also the chest if this is ok for the human camera. It’s like a little massage to warm up the human camera’s sensory system.

And when you feel there is a good connection, you start to walk.

It is important to be close to the centre of the other person – ask them if you may touch their waist shoulder and head.

Start by telling them when to open and close their eyes. Then add the senses smell, sound, touch and in the end mix them all. You can also use your voice. Try not to create a  linguistic narrative from the beginning. Listen to the Camera’s settings. Follow their flow. If you feel that something is not comfortable for them, move on. Or if you feel that they are reacting positively to something, let them stay there a bit longer.

Don’t worry about creating an amazing story. Just choose normal things that you also react to. Don’t overthink it. Trust that the senses and simple things matter.

Lead the human camera directly into a pitch black space and ask:

“Tell me what you experienced?”

After the story has been told, the roles are shifted and the other person is now lead with their eyes closed into a new space.

This Exercise was Contributed by Unknown.

This exercise was contributed by Unknown (http://www.miksang.com/miksanglife/the-human-camera/).

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