Listen ’n Speak

For 4 – 14 participants
Outdoor (always nicer) or indoor
Standing or sitting
Requires speaking and listening
Time: 5 min – open end

A group of people stands or sits in a circle, facing each other. When everybody has found a comfortable spot and is starting to settle in, the person who is introducing the exercise to the group asks the participants to close their eyes. With their eyes closed everybody should try in silence to adjust to the new situation by feeling the ground, listening to the noises around and by feeling the presence of the other participants. Once the mood is relaxed but concentrated the exercise can begin:

The introducer explains the game rules: One person starts to talk and then others are invited to join in with contributions without talking over each other and without opening their eyes.  The main task is to listen and to feel when it is the right moment to say something. If people talk over each other the game stops and starts again with a new round. For the beginning something easy like counting (1,2,3….) is a good start. Later on the group can make up a little story, word for word.

But also making noises is totally fine as a tool to figure out the rhythm of the group.


This Exercise was Contributed by Kerstin Honeit.

This exercise was contributed by Kerstin Honeit (http://www.kerstinhoneit.com).

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