The Circle Game

Jai McKenzie & Edward Mark - The Circle Game

You Will Need

Audio playback device
Large sheets of A3 paper and smaller circular paper or origami paper cut into a circle
Coloured pens and pencils

Before You Begin

Arrange the paper, pens and scissors within easy reach on a table where you can sit comfortably.
Start the audio tape and begin the exercise.


Begin with a guided, basic, meditation technique.  Now, simply sit easily with the eyes closed.

30 seconds.

Now bring you’re awareness to your breath.

5 secs

The awareness of breath is enough. How you are aware of the breath is unimportant.

10 secs

Awareness of the feeling of breath in the body, or the feeling of breath in the nostrils. Simply awareness of breath in any way.

1 min

Now become aware of your heart or chest area. Feel it in any way. Or imagine it. It doesn’t matter, any kind of awareness is enough.

1 min

Now become aware of the mind. Awareness of the mind in anyway. When thoughts come, simply label them, thoughts, or emotions, or judgements and allow them to fall away in their own time.

Be to the thoughts as a mountain is to clouds. Let them come and go in their own time

1 mins.

Now being your intention to these three points of awareness at once.

30 secs

Lazy, effortless, awareness. If three is too much, then two, if two is too much, just one.

30 secs

If you seem to be forgetting anything, don’t hold on, simply let go.

30 secs

Now we will meditate for 20 minutes. Don’t mind the time, I’ll let you know when to open the eyes.

20 mins

Keeping the eyes closed, simply let go of the points of awareness, and sit easily and lazy for 2 minutes. I’ll let you know when to open the eyes. You can stretch if you’d like.

To begin The Circle Game take a large piece of paper and select a pen.

Now close your eyes and bring your attention to the sounds around you. In your own time begin to move your pen around the page in a circular way moving your pen to the sounds you hear.

Take a new sheet of paper and select different coloured pens. With your eyes open draw the sound that you will make with your breath as you sound the letters A U M. Repeat twice more with the other pens.

Take a new sheet of paper. Again with three different coloured pencils or pens. This time you inhale, and as you exhale you will draw a large circle, as big as your breath, try to keep the line constant with your breath so that you begin the circle at the very start of your inhalation and end your circle at the very last moment of your exhalation. Try to keep the flow steady, your line, your circle and your breath are aligned. Repeat twice more with the other pens.

With a new piece of paper, a coloured piece of paper that is circle shaped and a pair of scissors cut along the outline of the circle. Follow the circle until you can’t anymore. Let it fall. Pick it up. Arrange it.

Use your seat as a space for your sculpture, let it rest where you once sat. Arrange it as if it was you.

Step away, you have now finished the circle game.

Jai McKenzie & Edward Mark - The Circle Game

Audio exercise on SoundCloud

This exercise is made with the awareness of others who have worked with related techniques. Especially Lygia Clark’s Caminhando’s (c. 1963) see: Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948-1988, By Cornelia Butler and Luis Perez-Oramas, 2014 Also to Adam Geremia for his work with meditation and sensory experience see: http://adamgeremia.com/sound-meditation/.

This Exercise was Contributed by Jai McKenzie & Edward Mark Vero.

This exercise was contributed by Jai McKenzie & Edward Mark Vero (http://www.jaimckenzie.com).

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