Tailoring a Conceptual Experience

This exercise helps to create empathy and reduce tension and stress among group members.

Tell group members to work on pairs. Every team member will design an experience for his or her partner. So first each person has to think about an emotion or a problem she would like to work out or explore. Then team members will ask questions to their respective partners and vice versa. Questions can be about the particular emotion they want to work trough, and things they enjoy and not enjoy. Based on this interview, team members will design the experience. Participants will share the tailored experience to the group.

This exercise allows group members to talk about the problems and emotions they are having in that particular moment, but from a different perspective and with a different purpose. It also allows group member to give something meaningful to another group member, a conceptual tailored experience. At the end of the exercise, participants tend to feel more empathy towards each other, and the working space feel more relaxed.

This Exercise was Contributed by Gabriela Durán.

This exercise was contributed by Gabriela Durán (http://www.gduranbarraza.com/).

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