Instructions for an Unexpected Absence

Since I am unable to be present to enjoy your company,
I wish to offer you my spot on stage.
Please stand up off of your chairs.
If you are already standing, this is good.
Walk towards the stage in a relaxed, orderly, fashion.
Once you have arrived, find yourself a spot on the stage, the allotted space for the performance.
Make yourselves at home here.
Look towards where you came from
If anyone is still seated in the in the allotted audience zone, 
Wave at him or her.
It is okay if they wish to stay, seated, watching you.
Shuffle in a circular motion, clockwise, until the back reaches the front.
Raise your arms above your head.
Wriggle your fingers.
Wave your arms to the left, back to the right.
Reach down to touch your toes.
Kindly, touch your neighbor’s toes
Crouch down into a ball.
With respect for your neighbors space, jump up.
Cover your eyes with your hands.
With trepidation, spread your fingers apart.
Look towards where you came from.
Point in that direction.
Travel towards your destination.
Have yourself a seat here.
Toast your neighbor.
Take a sip of your drink.
Thank you,
I miss you,

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This Exercise was Contributed by Emma Waltraud Howes.

This exercise was contributed by Emma Waltraud Howes (http://www.emmawaltraudhowes.com).

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