Banner Drop

Occupation of an educational institution by its students, teachers or staff members is, even now, still a potential way to exercise autonomy, community and refusal – an exercise worth equally, if not primarily, attention in any educational curriculum.

The Banner Drop can function as a form of flag-raising on this new occupied territory – a clear message, rooted in this political occupation, waving with the fabric in the wind. The Banner Drop can also function as a brief hack into the formal realities of the everyday practice of institutionalized society.

The shock of the defiant proclamation unwantedly unfolding upon the architecture of the normal situation enables a moment of contrary imagery – the proclaimed truth of one situation is suddenly superimposed with a different truth. The fabric of commonly promoted uncomplicated reality is ripped by the multi-layered other.

The practice of counter-disciplinary conduct requires practical skill-sets to be learned and taught on throughout the community. One of these skills, if still only one small tool in a much larger and growing toolbox, is the action of the Banner Drop. Learning these tools and learning to share-on this knowledge should be obligatory in the general education of any young individual.

Tina Helen and Søren Thilo Funder - Banner Drop

This Exercise was Contributed by Tina Helen and Søren Thilo Funder.

This exercise was contributed by Tina Helen and Søren Thilo Funder (http://www.sorenthilofunder.com).

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